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January 24, 2022 • 31 min

Episode 29! What constitutes a good dad? While the specifics might be up for debate, Pigmy dads probably have them all beat! Take a listen and find out what makes them such great dads!

**Editorial note from Jose** I originally was going to edit a lot of what I said out, but I decided to keep it in, in case it helps someone. Not everyone had great childhoods, and know that you are not alone. Things do get better! Hang in there, and if you need to, talk to someone. I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my chest. If you have no one to talk to, talk to us. Our email is below. Just specify for us not to read it on the podcast, and it will be kept confidential.

You can also call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255 24/7 if you need more discretion.

Parental Advisory Warning: We might use strong language.

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