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March 18, 2024 •  78 min

Episode 141! RRR is a 2022 Telugu language Indian action film that first came to the attention of Western audiences when their Netflix trailer featuring almost comical over-exaggerated action and special effects scenes went viral. We took a chance on it and were pleasantly surprised. The movie had a mission, a romance, friendship, betrayal, redemption, and more singing and dancing than we could have ever imagined. It was a nonstop emotional roller coaster ride with amazing character development and a lot of heart. Today, we will review this movie and discuss the plot and many of the things that we enjoyed about the movie, the action and fight sequences and the crush our 2 female co-hosts had on one of the actors and his mustache!Special thanks to our Super Homie Super Friend ⁠Eli ⁠for joining us on this episode!

Parental Advisory Warning: We might use strong language.

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