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& The 80’s Satanic Panic 

October 16, 2023 •  75 min

Episode 119! Anyone who grew up in the 80’s remembers the Satanic Panic as a phenomenon that couldn’t be escaped. The news and talk shows were constantly covering new allegations and investigations into Satanic Cult Rituals as well as stories of victims and the accused. Everything from music, corporations, cartoons, and toys were in league with Satan. But did you know that the whole spectacle could be traced back to 2 people and 1 book? Today, we’ll be discussing Michelle Remembers, the book that kicked off the Satanic Panic as well as the infamous therapy sessions that inspired it, some of the abuse and rituals that allegedly happened, and some of the real victims of this cultural craze. We’ll also touch on the film Satan Wants You, which documented all this insanity!

Parental Advisory Warning: We might use strong language.

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